About Us

The Idea
YUPIQ was founded by four Masters of Engineering students at the University of Victoria while studying in the Social Media Research Group. After speaking with marketers from a wide variety of industries it became clear that the social media promotions tools available were no longer addressing the needs of their users.

Marketers needed more than tool design just to grow their community size. They needed ways to get their content shared, prove they were impacting the bottom line and reward their loyal community members. YUPIQ was born.
What’s In A Name
YUPIQ comes from a word in the Yup’ik language and literally translates to “Genuine People”. The YUPIQ name is core to the marketing power of social media. When genuine people make genuine comments to genuine friends it is the most powerful message possible.

At YUPIQ we try to embody this concept into both our products and our people in order to build long, lasting relationships.
Product History
YUPIQ first developed promotion tools to support the hospitality industry. These tools focused on letting friends share special offers with each other while earning rewards when recommendations were followed.

As we grew, we began to work in the entertainment and events industries working with recording artists and music festivals. YUPIQ has worked in 10 industries and is working with new industries all the time.
Where We Are Going
We believe that the power of social media is the ease by which your community members can make recommendations to their friends. New promotion types are constantly under development to encourage sharing of new content and new ways to reward participants.

We believe that it is very important that our promotions work across multiple social networks seamlessly and continually look for new networks to integrate with and provide a complete social experience. With your help and suggestions we look forward to pushing the bounds of social marketing.